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jQuery WormHole

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jQuery WormHole creates invisible wormholes between arbitrary objects on a page. The edges of the objects become entrances/exits of the wormholes. Child objects dragged to an edge enter the wormhole and immediately start to exit at the other end, i.e. the opposite edge of the next object in the wormhole group. Try it out:

A few objects for you to drag

Use it





WormHole was built for the Rotify project to allow overnight shifts to be scheduled easily and intuitively. It'll fit snugly into any similar situation, where the user needs to share child objects amongst discrete containers. The codebase is minimal and it is easily customisable. However it is new so allow for a lot of bugs. We'll keep updating it to cope as we use it in production.

4kB - Production (minified)
8kB - Development (source)

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